Pre-Read Review :
Why WHY WHY did I read Passenger so soon?
I mean- I read it in November, but that’s still so soon for me.
Ugh I want Wayfarer NOW.
Wayfarer is like officially one of my favorite books. ONE OF THEM
Judge a Book By Its Cover: 5/5 stars
Nothing to say…. honestly.. I love Alexandra Bracken ‘s covers. Evenย Passenger ‘s cover is amazing. I love how if you turn the book upside down, you get a whole new type of cover. Both even outline the story of Etta and Nicholas.
Plot Review: 6/5 stars
The only thing I dislike about the plot is how often the books change perspective and the quickly changing scenery. I understand whyAlexandra Bracken had to change these two so much to fit the entire web of time travel, but it’s just a lot to take in at once. The plot, otherwise, is amazing. I love how everything works out and the character development.
Overall Rating: 5.5/5 stars
Overall Series Rating: 4.9/5 stars


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