Empire of Storms

The Throne of Glass series returns in a plot unraveling, full with a devastating ending and MUCH MUCH ROMANCE!!!
I feel like Lorcan and Elide have something going on! I ship them so fucking much I can’t. ROWAELIN was overcrowding. TOO MUCH TOO MUCH. I honestly think that Rowan and Aelin shouldn’t be making out too much when *cough Ellywe is burning. I felt so nostalgic at the mention of Nehemia. CRYING.
Lysandra!!! and AEDION!! I ship them!! Forever!! My life!!! Always!!!
I ship DORIAN AND MANON the most tbh. I love them together and ahhhh.
I hope Chaol and Nesryn are coming back soon! I really missed them!!

The plot was so so sad in the end. I want to slap Maeve in the face and relinquish it so hard. AELIN I WANT YOU TO SLAP HER FOR ME THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Overall Rating: 4/5 stars

Time to Read: February 15- February 19, 2017
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