The Struggles of Being a Tourist

So I recently went to Barcelona, Spain as a visit over break. I had previously gone about four years ago and conveniently remember nothing about it. Most people in Barcelona speak either Spanish or Catalan, with the occasional rusty English. Being from America, I…. was confused 75% of my stay.

So I present… the Struggles of Being a Tourist!!

  1. YOU don’t. understand. a. thing. anyone. is. saying.

The language issue is everyone’s issue. You can’t learn a language in five days. You can’t pick up an accent in one day. YOU NEED A TRANSLATOR. If you don’t have a translator, you better have a phone.

2.ย Currency

I am the honest budget person in my family. The currency changes from dollars to euros, and IT’S SO MUCH WORK. Never sign up. You’ll regret it. Especially is you have my family. It hurts.

3. Jet Lag

I was in Spain for approximately five days. It was six hours ahead of the US. I could not sleep until 1am and get up until 12pm. I had serious issues. Whereas when I get home, my parents go to sleep at 8pm and I go to sleep at 10pm. They wake up at 8am. I wake up at 6:30 in the morning. Something is wrong with me.



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