The Diabolic- Kincaid, SJ


well, more like 3.5 stars
The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid
Once upon a time there lived a girl (not really a GiRL but meh) named Nemesis and she was a Diabolic. Diabolics were dangerous and genetically engineered to be sworn to one person, and one person only. For Nemesis, she has Sidonia, the heir to a Senator in the space little colony thing.

I didn’t think that The Diabolic was horrible. But so many of the events partially mirrored other novels I’ve read before.

Take An Ember in the Ashes for example. Near the end, Elias is almost executed, and saved by Laia, who swoops in and rescues him. When on Lumina, Tyrus almost gets himself executed, and boom! Nemesis suddenly comes in, breaks a few necks, and rescues him! Also, there is the corrupt Empire. dun, dun, dun. Like people, don’t make just the Empire corrupt. Make it an inside job! It’s just that this novel almost replicates so events in so. many. others.

BUt going to the positive side I did enjoy how Kincaid killed Sidonia? I don’t know, it is sad when a character with meaning for the protagonist is killed off. But I feel that this event gave what The Diabolic needed to be pushed up to 3.5 stars.

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