A Court of Wings and Ruin – Maas, Sarah J.

“When you erupt, girl, make sure it is felt across worlds.”

read on may 5, 2017 and ended too quickly

i’ve actually seen so many negative reviews about this book. and i totally disagree. i loved acowar. and it ended wayyy to soon. like i wanted it to be like the queen of all books and to be super long and not too long but long enough to beat winter. and it didn’t. but it was enough for me nonetheless and i love every! single! part! mostly! and my classmates stared at me when i sighed a really loud sigh. just so you know, i have a low voice. so you must imagine how they looked at me when i sighed high.

one issue i did have: i hate the sex scenes. not only do they make me uncomfortable, they make me uncomfortable. i just don’t really enough and devour them and usually end up skipping or skimming over them. and not only in a court of wings and ruin, but in many other of sarah’s books too. maybe someone else enjoys reading them? but i’m just not a sucker for them at all. #sorrynotsorry.

also, the parts i loved? oh WE’LL BE HERE ALL DAY DISCUSSING THOSE. but the breakdown on a few;

THE SURIEL, STRYGA (ithink), THE BONE CARVER, BYRAXIS (idk). i literally sobbed every single time one of them died. it felt so sad because even if they were (sob) dangerous, they fought on RHy’S DAMN SIDE. or feyre’s too. and that chapter when they started killing people? hybern people? omg i bookmarked it as one of the favorite parts. because we’ren o longer seeing them as caged animals, and just pricks in the sides of our inner circle, we’re seeing them as fighters, and that made me squeal for hours in my brain. i’m still reliving it right now.

MY FAM. aka not my fam really, but i love them! the amount of care/ how much mor, amren, rhys, feyre ,az, and cassian (oh poor cassian without a nickname) care about each other makes me just sob. even though they’re not necessarily related through bloodlines and family, they’re the definition of my family. not my real life family. but the one i fantasize about and i want to grasp so damn badly.

“But for my home, for Prythian and the human territory and so many others … I would clean my blades, and wash the blood from my skin. And I would do it again and again and again.”

the other courts omg. i love love love how sarah included details so many hungry details about the other courts! winter, autumn (still bitter ), spring (tamlin the tool yay), summer, dawn, and day, and THE COURT OF NIGHTMARES. like we need some fanart now okay.. thank you. get people to get these and send them to my doorstep. thank you, kait-.

SARAH J MAAS MAKES ME WANT TO LIVE IN PRYTHIAN. and if i would be able to, i would want to be a DARKBRINGER or SHADOWSINGER. because they sound epic. also, i’m a SUCKER for shadows and omg i want to be at least part of the world so bad and omg i want it right now please give me nowwwww. [insert grasping emoji if it’s real].

nesta and elain? say NO MORE. i loved how nesta and elain were ‘made’ by the cauldron and even more when ELAIN IS A SEER GUYS and NESTA STOLE PART OF THE CAULDRON IN HER SOULL. and IANTHE. omg that b*tch got what she deserved. i hated ianthe so much and even more when she tried to (whatstheword) seduce? idk? it was really weird and awkward though.

“Words had become as forge in and hard to reach as the stars.”


now on to the issues

1, mor. i know that a lot of people, including me, wanted to see mor and azriel happen. i did too! and i know that sarah really wants to hear feedback and one of them would be including LGBTQ+ characters, most likely, in her story. i didn’t really like how my babies weren’t going to happen, but i’m not going to say that i’m not proud of mor coming out to feyre. i thought it was really cute and it’s GIRL TALK what else to say?

2, i am not saying that maas’s novels have no negative aspects. i understand that every single book has one little flaw with it, no matter how much you think about it. there’s no such thing as a flawless book, and even i’m saying that. if there’s such thing as a flawless book, there’s no such thing as improvement. and i’m not saying that a court of wings and ruin has no issues with it and to critics. i just happened to enjoy it a little more than some other people, and i didn’t really not like it.

3, i gave this book five stars for a reason. the way that sarah portrayed real life issues that people go through is one reason why. the inclusion of PTSD, and rebuilding life and going and dealing with trauma made me give this book five stars. not to mention, obviously my little fae beans i love so much.

so i’m not going to say that sarah j maas’s writing is bad, or horrific, or deeply flawed. i’m also not going to say that’s it’s totally amazing and that i love it so much and ohmygosh i would marry it. ( i may ). i gave this book because of the content, and the world already built around these characters. i gave it five stars for it’s characters, and their personalities, and the plot twists. i didn’t necessarily score my rating upon the things that can be seen both ways. some quotes, (i will not name what) made people angered about asexuals, and shaming them. and others may have seen it as incest, and what is wrong with that. such claims and what i hear from others is not going to change how i think about this book. i loved it, and i used up about fifty post its marking up my favourite parts. nothing else to say here but REREADING HERE I COME

overall rating : 7/5 stars

acotar & acomaf ratings: 5/5 stars (not over 5 for acotar)

“It is a new world, and we must decide how we are to end this old one and begin it anew.

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