The Only Pirate at the Party- Stirling, Lindsey


reread on may 3, 2017

i’ll just put this out there- i’m a lindsey stirling fan, yes. am i a total fangirl and enthusiast? no. but i tried not to get my opinions on her to muddle up with my feelings on the book.

“Life is kind, and full of great moments, but I think the greatest moment of my life is always ahead of me. When I reach it, there will be another, greater moment to come.”

i don’t usually read autobiography/memoirs, and when i do, i usually lose interest in them. now i don’t know if it’s my head or my heart speaking, but lindsey stirling grasped me. she didn’t obscure the mistakes she made. she opened up on them, and that’s one thing i admire about a good memoir. they open up, and not everything is sunshine and rainbows. they don’t just open the good things. they include all personalities, the ugly things, the pretty thing, the selfish things, the insecure things, no matter what the response. i don’t like memoirs. but this one, lindsey stirling, beckoned me like a little voice saying ‘let’s jump on this book. it’s good’, and it was correct. there was a lot of humor incorporated in this book, and that made me chuckle (when i wasn’t supposed to talk during testing) and made me extremely happy to read.

“My evolution as a violinist has included many thrilling performances, and I still love what I do, but there are times when even I get burned out. When this happens, I go back to that moment ten years ago. I picture myself on the stage with my bow in the air. I feel my heart racing, I see the faces in the audience smiling, and I remember the moment I thought, “I have to make this my life.”

usually, when i read memoirs and throw them in the dnf trash bin, it’s because when the person that you admire and look up to opens up about their personality, you find out that they are actually a mean person. i’ve had my doubts about reading this book because i always have thrown memoirs in the dnf because i just don’t enjoy them.

surprisingly enough, i flew through the only pirate at the party. i read it during lunch. i read it during class. i loved it. and lindsey stirling, you should be proud. because you are a true human bean and amazing and lovable and omg your music is amazing.


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