Red Queen – Aveyard, Victoria & Matched – Condie, Ally

Red Queen-

wowie, look at this incredibly long overdue review! needless to say, i hated this book. (i’m that small minority that hated a book but went on to read the next because shade! don’t judge) the plot was sorta interesting? i mean like the whole society is divided blah blah was really generic but like this newbloods vibe was really catching me on. one reason i absolutely hated this was…. drumroll please…… the fricking protagonist. i hate hate HATe books that have a case of ‘horrible protagonist’ and this book was absolutely no exception. mare just got on my nerves soo much. she complained about so many things but never? ever? helped? if you want to fix something, offer a damn solution, lady. other than that- you’re wasting my time. and brain power.


i. absolutely. fell. asleep. reading. this. book bore. i don’t know- about every page? that’s how boring it was. the plot structure, the original idea with this book- oh, for god’s sake- that’s a kudos? the rest? i…..don’t think so. the plot- it was executed horrifically. the characters- every single fricking one was just a very annoying person with a very annoying world. i don’t even remember who/what the antagonist was in this series, that’s how boring it was. i just need to like just throw this in the incinerator, but that would be a waste of the entire series i got in a boxed set. *smacks face*

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