Forget Me – Harrington, K.A.


this book was not what i expected.

the overall concept was a+. but the writing?? i…feel like saying how i felt would be too offensive. [ incoherent muttering including many swear words]

the plot starts off extremely well. there was a shocking death, you get this little insight into this abandoned town, etc, etc. then your boyfriend dies in an accident. then you find out he might not be head. then he’s lying to you. you wonder, what the hell is wrong with this boyfriend of yours?

but then BAM. the cringe sets in.

first sign of cringe, instalove. i absolutely despise instalove. yeah, it may happen in real life sometimes but it doesn’t have to in books? i just can’t deal with the instalove.

second, the plot. the concept is wonderful. the plot is just straight down ‘i’d like not to read this’ lane. this is a mystery book. i expect a lot from mystery books for me to like them. and they absolutely absolutely should not have the main character guess the killer correct on the first guess. it’s like they just made a guess, went with it and boom, they win? i don’t like how this goes. and although this is a -300 page book, it doesn’t mean that you have an excuse for such a horrid plot.

third, i hate h a t e the main character again? she just pissed me off tbh like just getting up in everyone’s faces and stuff. sure, she can do some ‘detective’ work, but i just cannot tolerate her whatsoever.

fourth, i didn’t give a shit about any of the other plots. within forget me, there are an absolute shitload of side stories, (ie: employee x, toni, the threats, etc) and i just didn’t care about them. keep in mind this is a ~275 page book. you can only put so much quality content in it. and bombarding me with four other side stories isn’t going to help. in fact, the real murder mystery doesn’t really interest me at all with all these other plots going on.

so a) i didn’t care about the main character, and b) i just can’t stand this book anymore.


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