The Secret of Red Gate Farm – Keene, Carolyn

swear i’m not reading these just to give scathing reviews although i might seem like it i swear on myself-

but the premise of which this book revolves around is pretty simple, and overhyped. it’s extremely common and not very amusing or exciting.

basically, nancy has a hunch! nancy thinks something shady is happening! money is involved! nancy’s wits save the day……again.

not much to it, hm?

not to mention, yet again, this thing all happens on one opinion. the person who was shady ( or persons, per se, were the bad people. no twists, no turns, no oh my god what the fuck i thought that was going to happen i will literally throw this book. more things like ohmygodthisissoboringletmefinish. that’s what happened.

i literally started and finished this within an hour this morning. while i was half asleep. and falling asleep even more. that’s how predictable this is, too. i knOW that this is more middle school grade than higher level. but that’s not an excuse. what about kids who read this thinking every crime is solved on a first guess? it’s simple not realistic.

this is also worse than the other book because nancy and co. have to be rescued by guys???

i’m just so……………….. borED.


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