hello human specimen! my name’s lyn and i mostly just post book reviews here and there. i may or may not sometimes fangirl over things and not even post for a three month period [cough] but i’ll try to be on as much as possible! xoxo


rating system

rating system: (last updated 5/03/2017)
★★★★★: i loved this book a lot and it made me feel something. i’m definitely going to reread it and it’s pure perfection. also please drop some fanart at my doorstep. thank you. [i am picky now so if any book is rated five in 2016, disregard it since i was nice back then]

★★★★: there were minor things with the plot, but overall, this book was almost perfection and it was amazing.

★★★: i was neither impressed nor disappointed with this book. there were some parts i liked, and some i didn’t.

★★: there was something i liked, but it overall, was a disappointment.

★: it was not my taste or i didn’t enjoy it. and i wish i could throw my copy on the ground.